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About us


We are the world’s first and only store dedicated solely to energy drinks and WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!!!

Brief History

We got our start in our founder’s bedroom while surfing on MySpace a long, long time ago. He saw that energy drink companies were popping up faster than he could find them on MySpace and he wanted in on the action! One thing led to another and The Energy Drink Outlet was officially established in the Summer of 2007.

A short time later, The Energy Drink Outlet opened its first storefront in South Lake Tahoe, CA during the early Spring of 2008. Lake Tahoe is known as “America’s Year-round Adventure Playground”, so the energy drink concept seemed like it would be a good fit and it was! The Energy Drink Outlet became well-known in that little mountain town for being different and having energy drinks you couldn’t find anywhere else like Cocaine, Hunid Rack’s Hustler’s Mix, Power Horse, Lost. Mac Dre energy drink.. and many other that have come and gone!

In the years since those early days, The Energy Drink Outlet has grown to have the largest selection of energy drinks on the planet and we are adding more all the time! Our current Intergalactic Headquarters is located in the energy drink center of the universe: Minden, NV. It should be noted though that the energy drink center of the universe location seems to be in direct relation to the global coordinates of The Energy Drink Outlet. Simply put, we ARE the energy drink center of the universe! …where ever we may be! …now and for all of eternity!

Our Philosophy

Moderation is key. Consume responsibly.

We strongly recommend that all consumers read the product labels for directions, warnings, and ingredients before they try a product!

Furthermore, The Energy Drink Outlet strongly urges its customers to consult with the manufacturers or a licensed, medical professional if they have any questions regarding the products we sell.



The products we sell are made only for healthy adults who are free to make their own choices regarding what they put in their bodies and, more importantly, what risks they are willing to take for themselves! The products depicted on this website may actually be unhealthy for you under any circumstances, but especially if you are already an unhealthy individual, or underage, or pregnant… The list goes on, but the important thing to remember is that all energy drinks have the potential to affect everyone differently according to their body chemistry.

About our Product Listings

The Energy Drink Outlet does its best to provide accurate, up-to-date information for all of its product listings, but cannot be held responsible for any minor or major differences between the item depicted on our website and the product a customer receives after ordering from this site. Manufacturers change packaging, ingredients, warnings, and labels regularly and without any prior notice in this dynamic, fledgling industry.
We try to keep up, but sometimes we fall short :That’s why we could use your help. If you see that one of our listings should be updated, then please LET US KNOW!!!

You can CONTACT US here any time: day or night!

We appreciate your input! Let us know of any typos or changes in packaging that you may have noticed! It’s also a great way to tell us about any new products you would like to see at The Energy Drink Outlet!

THANK YOU! We look forward to hearing from you soon.